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We're a tech-based company made of enthusiastic nerds ready to challenge themselves. From NFT Games to DAOs, we're ready to build stunning project. Wanna join us?

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What is our mission?

Not just random art: we create NFTs collections with actual utility, mostly in the form of NFT games, but also DAOs or other different projects


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Non Elitist Community

We want to make our community open for everyone to join by untying it from the single projects


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Cutting Edge Technologies

Experimenting the cutting edge technologies in order to design the optimal solutions in terms of privacy, decentralization and gas-efficiency


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Tansparency is a basic

No secrets between us and our users: we go open source whenever we can

We're looking for buddies!

We have loads of ideas we wish they came true, but we can't do this just by ourselves. Here's why we dropped Factory Workers: a way for you to support and get to know our team better. Grab one of these beauty and secure yourself a looot of advantages

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Our Projects

Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Sold Out

These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little dolls. But we accidentally added an extra ingredient to the brew: MetaMagic powder.

Help the Factory grow!


Support NFTF by minting your very own Factory Worker. Your trust will be repaid with exclusive privileges!

Free the Factory!


The Factory is under attack! The high levels of fun produced in this place have attracted fun-eating monsters from another dimension; they are going to steal all the entertainment from the world, leaving only sadness and boredom. Will you be able to stop the invasion?

Gaming is not just about playing anymore

Investing in NFTs games means you and your buddies can resell assets, designed to be interoperable across different environments. Moreover, In-game purchases can be bought and sold regardless of what happens to the game.

Wanna make your own NFTs? We've got it covered!

We offer consultancy services for companies who want to get into the NFTs game collections and discover their perks


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NFT Factory

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” — a unique digital asset which can be bought, owned and traded. The scope of an NFT collection is defined by its creator; some just represent the ownership of pieces of digital art, others offer additional utility, like exclusive access to websites or IRL event.


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